Tips to learn and enjoy video games

Video games can be a resource to entertain and learn different skills and concepts, provided that they are used appropriately and let us choose games appropriate for their age and interests.

Keep children away from the screens not only will be a fruitless task in a matter of time, but it can be counterproductive, and we limitarķamos an emerging cultural space in which to develop throughout his life, in the same way we do it already.

The key so gamers not hoard our children is to control the game, the time and the company. Let's look at a few simple tips so play with the machines is a pleasant and beneficial activity.

Let's set up a schedule for the use of video games. It may be on weekends, an hour in the afternoon... Also to make flexible hours, for example on holiday, but it is important to know when he can play or not they become accustomed is a resource always by hand (it is easy to fall into the temptation of playing continuously).

We offer alternatives to the slot machines. Though play can be very educational, we must combine it with different activities, games, outdoor activities, traditional games, readings...

We avoid to play alone. Fortunately there is more supply of machines to play in company, aprevechemos those opportunities, but if they are individual games we can be with them to see how they operate, comment on the moves, ask them if they share the game...

Play with family, with friends, and in a common place of the House (not just locked in the room) would be the best to prevent insulation being led video games sometimes.

We exploited the games that invite to the movement. Companies have begun to launch video games and platforms that encourage exercise, to combat the sedentary lifestyle and play family, to avoid problems such as obesity and the sedentary lifestyle of the players. Consoles such as the Wii are responsible for we can move against the screens.

Parents should get a day in relation to video games, know what our children speak to us, try the games... will help us to get closer to our children while we discover the most appropriate content and their tastes and interests.

To buy the proper game should let us know what mean the symbols which appear on the labels to categorize, and thus choose the appropriate to the age of our children. Here is the PEGI system, the system of classification by age of pan-European information on games that was established in 2003 to help parents decide about video games.

We remember full the Decalogue to a responsible and informed of the video game purchase, to keep in mind when visiting the store, and it also to know family members that will give the child a game.

Among the games appropriate for kids, they can choose which prefer, because there will always be certain topics equally appropriate to lean. But we must also ensure variety so that not all games are of the same type, structure, contents, format...

A remote control can provide the children varied skills and reflexes, but also every time there is more supply of educational games that invite you to learn languages, vocabulary, social behaviors, history, mathematics... So we must not leave our children from these games, but do to grow alongside them to become responsible adults that make good use of this entertainment.

With these simple tips, we will achieve that video games are a fun and educational resource without becoming an element of risk that affects the visual health of our children, to their body mass to their behavior or their social relations.